SAT Reading – Why it is Important to know ?

SAT Test Reading passages consists of

Narrative or Prose passages, 

Natural Science

Social science

Humanities and 

Paired passages

The SAT Reading Test is 65 minutes long and contains 5 passages with associated questions.

This means you need to spend 13 minutes per passage on average. You should plan to read through an SAT passage in about 5 minutes

How to read 200% Faster in 20 Minutes in the SAT

  1. Skim through the questions.
  2. Determine your baseline speed.
  3. Getting rid of fixations and back-tracking.
  4. Practice reading groups of words at the same time.
  5. Keep on practicing and timing your reading speeds.

How the passages are structured in the SAT Exam ?

1. Observation

2. Hypothesis

3. Experiments

4. Findings

5. Conclude

6. Implications

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