ACT Subject Tests

Course Features

Our Best ACT Subject test prep - 3 Subject Tests (PCM/B)

Total duration: 45 hours (15 hrs for each Subject)

  • Number of Classes: 18 Classes.
  • Class Duration: 2.5 hours per class.
  • Online study resources/materials.
  • Assistance on Booking the Exams.
  • Trainer: Experienced Teacher.
  • Online Preparation using through Microsoft Teams

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    ACT Subject Tests

    Structure and Course Information

    ACT (American College Testing) Preparation

    is a standardized test used for college / university admissions in the Middle East and North African region.

    The ACT Subject Tests consists of the following:

    • Physics
    • Chemistry
    • Biology
    • English I and II
    • Mathematics I & II
    • US History

    It covers the topics of

    • Physics:- Forces and Motion, Fundamental Forces, Waves and Periodic motion.
    • Chemistry:- States of matter and phase changes, Mole concept, Chemical formulas and equations, Stoichiometry, Gas laws, Atomic structure, Periodicity, Chemical bonding, Solution properties, Le Chatelier’s principle, basic thermodynamics, and acids & bases.
    • Biology:- Biochemistry & Cell, Genetics and Evolution, Animal & Plant and Ecology.
    • Mathematics I & II:- Algebra and Geometry skills / Advanced Algebra & Pre-calculus.
    • English I & II - Drama, Fiction, non-fiction, poetry texts, as well as film scripts.

    Best ACT Subject Tests Prep

    Course Offerings at The Preparation Review

    At The Preparation Review , we offer the following types of classes for students who are looking to prep for the ACT Subject.

    1. Small Group ACT Batch

    • 3 to 5 students
    • 9 weeks, 45 hours of teaching
    • Live Online Class - Microsoft Teams
    • 2 days per week
    • 2.5 hours per class

    2. Private ACT Batch

    • One on One
    • 8 weeks, 10 hours / Subject
    • Live Online Class - Microsoft Teams
    • 2 days per week
    • 2.5 hours per class


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