Robotics Course

Start to Learn, how to assemble Robots

Live Online Robotics class.

What is ROBOTICS ?

Robotics is the design, construction, and use of machines to perform tasks done by humans. Robots are widely used in industries to perform simple repetitive tasks. The Study of Robotics is to learn how to design, build, and program a Robot so that it perform a certain task. It is the engineering of Robots and electronic systems that automates certain tasks with high efficiency.


  • Discovering passion towards technology and Engineering
  • Building Teamwork
  • Increasing Self-Confidence
  • Creative Thinking
  • Programming Skills and with different coding languages
  • Enhancing Hardware and Software skills
  • Opens greater opportunities for kids when deciding university majors
  • It is by far the most demanded knowledge alongside AI in the market

Eligibility to Join Robotics?

Everyone who is interested to learn Robotics can join with or without prior knowledge.

Who should enroll?

  • Students from Grade 2 to 12
  • College or University students
  • Anyone interested in Electrical Engg.

Robotics course is a systematic learning process which can be achieved at different levels in a period of 6 months time with proper guidance, support and practice. We have designed a set processed syllabus for each grade wise which allows a learner from basic levels to advance levels. We provide services with extensive support of classes:

  • Online classes
  • Well explained and elaborated practical way
  • Flexible with batches allocations
  • Live project team ups

We offer the best services in the industry with in advance technology and aids to support learning. We advise you to attend demo classes for your reference and understanding of course structure. We encourage each learner for their queries and questions.

For further information, we request you to email us at:

Enquire About the Course

    Course Levels

    Robotics Levels:

    • Level 1: 2nd, 3rd, 4th
    • Level 2: 5th, 6th, 7th
    • Level 3: 8th, 9th ,10th
    • Level 4: 8th grade and above.

    Course Features:

    • Start from zero, no prior knowledge required
    • Learn the concepts & develop from beginning.
    • Live Online using through Microsoft Teams App
    • Private or Group Classes
    • 10 Live Classes
    • Each class 60-90 minutes.
    • Robotics teacher with hands on experience
    • Components or Parts shipped to you in 2-3 days
    • Flexible Schedule
    • Course Completion Certificate

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