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Practice speaking English online from any location

Sometimes practicing a language is the hardest part so we bring the language to you. Choose a certified native English speaker and practice your English online with zero travel costs at times that fit your schedule. All you need is an internet connection.

Day to Day life conversation. Real learning experience

Practice and build your fluency through conversational English language classes with a native speaker. Master your grammar, vocabulary for the interactive learning environment that’s fun and effective.

1 to 1 on your personal language goals

Develop an individual study plan with our qualified teacher to fulfill your language goals. Study at your own pace from any location.

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    Course Features

    Online English Course A1 Level

    • Course Duration: 24 hours, 2 hours/class, two days/week
    • Timing: 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm
    • Days: as per availability
    • Experienced English Native teacher
    • Affordable fees

    Spoken English Course

    Conversational Courses

    Students are introduced to English grammar by making them to start with simple sentences to frame with parts of speech. Students are asked to interact with each other and share the sentences.

    Practice and improve your fluency. Online conversational English lessons with native speaker. Speak English language with confidence. Improve your pronunciation and build fluency through live conversation with professional native speaking language tutors.

    Real life conversation. Get an authentic learning experience. It’s all about you and your personal language goals.

    09 Units for the Basic English language

    Learning English in just nine days is a challenging task, as language acquisition typically requires
    consistent effort and practice over an extended period. However, we can provide you with a basic outline for
    a nine-day introductory English language program focusing on conversational skills for beginners. Keep in
    mind that this program will only provide a starting point, and further study and practice will be necessary
    to achieve proficiency. Here’s a suggested breakdown:

    09 days introductory English language program

    Day 1: Introduction and Basic Greetings

    • Learn basic greetings, such as “Hello,” “Good morning,” “Good afternoon,” and “Goodbye” in English.
    • Practice introducing yourself and asking simple questions like “What is your name?” and “How are you?”
    • Learn and practice basic responses to these questions.

    Day 2: Common Phrases and Vocabulary

    • Focus on learning essential everyday phrases, such as “Thank you,” “Please,” “Excuse me,” and “I don’t
      understand” in English.
    • Expand your vocabulary by learning common words and phrases related to numbers, colors, food, and
      daily activities.
    • Engage in practice conversations using these phrases and vocabulary.

    Day 3: Basic Grammar and Sentence Structure

    • Introduce basic English grammar concepts, such as subject-verb agreement, simple present tense, and
      basic sentence structure.
    • Practice forming simple sentences using subject-verb-object patterns.

    Day 4: Asking for Directions and Descriptions

    • Learn how to ask for directions, such as “Where is the nearest train station?” or “How do I get to the
    • Practice giving and receiving simple directions in English.
    • Learn descriptive words to describe objects, places, and people.

    Day 5: Ordering Food and Making Small Talk

    • Learn basic food-related vocabulary and phrases for ordering food in a restaurant or cafe.
    • Practice role-playing scenarios for ordering meals, asking for recommendations, and expressing
    • Focus on engaging in small talk, such as discussing hobbies, interests, and personal backgrounds.

    Day 6: Time and Daily Routine

    • Learn how to express time and talk about your daily routine in English.
    • Practice using vocabulary and phrases related to telling time, discussing daily activities, and

    Day 7: Family and Relationships

    • Learn vocabulary related to family members, relationships, and personal information.
    • Practice talking about your family, describing relationships, and asking questions about others’

    Day 8: Weather and Seasons

    • Learn vocabulary and phrases related to weather conditions and seasons in English.
    • Practice describing the weather, talking about favorite seasons, and engaging in weather-related

    Day 9: Recap and Review

    • Review the vocabulary, phrases, and grammar concepts covered in the previous days.
    • Engage in conversation practice, applying what you’ve learned in a more natural and spontaneous

    Remember that learning a language takes time and dedication, and this nine-day program is meant to provide you with a basic introduction to conversational English. To further develop your skills, continue practicing, expanding your vocabulary, and immersing yourself in English language and culture. Consider taking more extensive courses, engaging with native speakers, and utilizing language learning resources to enhance your proficiency in English.

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