Refund Policy

The Preparation Review - Refund Policy

1. Refund Policy

The Preparation Review reserves the right to cancel courses prior to the opening of the registration period, which may occasionally occur due to justifying circumstances. The training center will endeavor to replace the course at the earliest possible time within the course of the calendar year. If the center has to cancel a program for any reason beyond its control, it will not be held liable. In this unlikely event, the Preparation Review will offer full refund if it is prior to the commencement of the program, or a pro-rated refund if the program has already commenced.

Refund Policy Mentioned in the Registration Form:

1. Refund policy: Refund will not be entertained, if the student withdraws from the courses for any personal reasons. Only if the center is unable to provide the service, refund is applicable on the course fee on prorated basis. Timeline for the refund is 7 working days.

2. Registration fee: Registration fee is non refundable under any circumstances and will be charged as administrative service fee. Payment is accepted as Cash/CC/Cheque/BankTransfer/ Online.

Circumstances beyond The Preparation Review include, but are not limited to below minimum participant registration for course to run, budget shortfalls, timetable constraints, fire, explosion, natural disaster, power failure, rules or requirements of any government legal body having jurisdiction, and labor unrest.

Special Circumstances

A full refund (minus administration fees) may result in cases of family and/or medical emergencies. This will be done on a case by case basis.

A student may cancel the admission agreement and obtain a refund of payment made up to the first day of class after enrollment. Cancellation will only occur and be effective if written notice or soft copy is given to Academic Head at the Center.

Withdrawal from Course

Any withdrawals must be made in writing as far in advance as possible. There is no refund if withdrawn after the second class of instructions. Registrations that were made using discounts/offers/promotions will not be considered as a part of any withdrawal benefits.

2. Cancellation / Change / Withdrawal Process

Candidates who wish to withdraw from a course must do so within the guidelines stated by the center:

  • If it is immediately after the first day class having informed the Center through the Course Coordinator of the Academic Head in person or written. Note that the administrative fee and book/materials cost will be deducted.( if no materials were allocated or book unused, then that fee will be excluded).
  • If candidate did not start program or utilized any services, then full course fee amount is refundable upon written or in person request.
  • If candidate is registered in a testing preparation program and withdraws from course before first class, then diagnostic assessment and administrative fees will be charged and deducted as services used.
  • If a candidate attends the initial two classes, then the right to the withdrawal process is forfeited and a refund will not be given. In this case only deferment is possible.
  • If a candidate is suspended or expelled from the program, no refund will be given. It is unlikely that this student will be able to attend courses at the center in the future.

3. Refund Decision and Time frame:

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All communication should be forwarded to:

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