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Are you a 12th-grade high school student in the UAE getting ready to apply to universities? The Emirates Standardized Test (EmSAT) is a crucial exam you'll need to take. At The Preparation Review, we provide comprehensive EmSAT classes tailored for 12th graders to help guide you to success.

Reach out to us for EmSAT Test Prep classes, including EmSAT Arabic, EmSAT Math, EmSAT Biology, EmSAT English, and EmSAT Computer Science, in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. We also offer EmSAT online course options for 12th-grade students in Dubai.

Why Take the EmSAT in 12th Grade?

The EmSAT is a national admission examination used by UAE universities to evaluate prospective students' skills and readiness for higher education. Taking the EmSAT in your final 12th-grade year allows you to have your scores ready when applying to bachelor's degree programs after graduation. A strong EmSAT score greatly boosts your chances of gaining admission to your preferred university and field of study.

The key EmSAT sections for 12th graders include:

  • English Language
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Math
  • Physics (for scientific/technical programs)
  • Arabic Language
  • Computer Science

Performing well on the relevant EmSAT sections shows universities you have the necessary subject proficiencies to handle the rigors of their degree coursework. With the EmSAT Exam Preparation classes, you can get the results you dream of.

Enquire About the Course

    EmSAT Eligibility for 12th Graders

    The EmSAT is intended for students who are in current grade 12 high school students in the UAE and to those who passed out the grade 12 and willing to join the university in UAE. There are no other eligibility restrictions based on grades, schools, curricula, or backgrounds.

    As long as you are enrolled in the final grade 12 and desire admission to universities in UAE, then you are eligible to register for the exam sections relevant to your interests.

    Why Grade 12 students Need the EmSAT ?

    • Increase Your Admission Odds: Universities heavily weigh EmSAT results for 12th-grade applicants in their admission decisions. Scoring well can make you a top candidate
    • Showcase Core Skills: The exam assesses critical skills on 7 subjects, like English, Math, Arabic, Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology), and cComputer knowledge needed for your intended university major.
    • Maximize University Options: An excellent overall EmSAT score could qualify you for admission to your top-choice degree program.
    • Show Your Seriousness: As a 12th grader, taking EmSAT classes proves your dedication to higher education.

    Joining a professional EmSAT training course in 12th grade can help you build a better future. Sign up for our EmSAT classes today with The Preparation Review Learning Center.

    EmSAT Training Course Features

    Total duration: Flexible hours for each subject.

    • Number of Classes: minimum of 6 classes/subject
    • Class Duration: 1.5 hours per class.
    • Online study resources/materials.
    • Trainer: Experienced subject teacher.
    • Online Preparation using through Microsoft Teams.
    • Recording of the classes to review again.

    Choose from the packages:
    10/15/20 hours.

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    EmSAT Test Training

    Structure and Course Information

    EmSAT Test - The Emirates Standardized Test

    It is a test for grade 12 students (called Achieve Test) both in Public and Private school students. It covers the curriculum of MOE and international curriculum for both UAE nationals and Non UAE nationals students.

    EmSAT is a standardized computer adaptive test to assess students skills and knowledge in their subjects.

    • Arabic
    • English
    • Mathematics
    • Physics
    • Chemistry
    • Biology
    • Computer Science

    A Standardized Electronic Test to assess students’ skills and knowledge in targeted subjects.

    EmSAT exams are available for grade 12 students and can attest the certificate through happiness centers of Ministry of Education - MOE in UAE.

    Learn and Prepare for the EmSAT Exam

    EmSAT Preparation in UAE

    Start to Enquire now and Get Ready for the Exam. EmSAT Live-Online Training with Experienced teachers to teach:

    • EmSAT Physics
    • EmSAT Chemistry
    • EmSAT Biology
    • EmSAT Math
    • EmSAT Arabic
    • EmSAT Computer Science
    • EmSAT English

    EmSAT Subjects

    EmSAT Math - Group and Private

    EmSAT Physics - Group and Private

    EmSAT Chemistry - Group and Private

    EmSAT Biology - Group and Private

    EmSAT English - Group and Private

    EmSAT Arabic - Group and Private

    EmSAT Subjects

    EmSAT Table of Score, Questions and Duration

    Test Subject Score Range Questions Test Duration
    Arabic 400-2000 90 120 minutes
    English 300-2000 110 135 minutes
    Mathematics 500-2000 50 120 minutes
    Physics 500-1500 50 120 minutes
    Chemistry 500-2000 50 120 minutes
    Biology 500-2000 50 120 minutes
    Java - 500-1500 100 150 minutes
    Computer Science C++ - 500-1500 100 150 minutes
    Python - 500-1500 100 150 minutes

    EmSAT Achieve English, EmSAT Achieve Arabic, EmSAT Achieve Math, EmSAT Achieve Physics, EmSAT Achieve Chemistry, EmSAT Achieve Biology, EmSAT Achieve Computer Science

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