Pearson Test of English (PTE)

Course Features

  • Duration: 10/15/20 hours pack
  • Class Duration: 2 hours/class.
  • Online study resources
  • Live Online Preparation
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Native teacher
  • Class Recordings until the exam date.

Course Information & Structure

The Pearson Test of English (PTE) is an English language proficiency test designed to assess a person's ability to understand, communicate, and use the English language in academic, professional, and everyday contexts. PTE is widely recognized by universities, colleges, governments, and employers around the world as a valid measure of English language skills.

Key features of the Pearson Test of English (PTE):

Test Formats: PTE offers various test formats tailored to different purposes, including PTE Academic, PTE General, and PTE Young Learners. PTE Academic is the most widely taken format and is specifically designed for individuals seeking admission to academic programs in English-speaking countries.

Computer-Based Testing

Like IELTS, PTE is a computer-based test. Test takers complete the exam on a computer, which allows for efficient and accurate scoring, as well as a quicker delivery of results.

Integrated Skills

PTE assesses all four language skills - listening, reading, speaking, and writing - in an integrated manner. This means that the tasks in the test often require test takers to use multiple skills simultaneously, reflecting real-world language use.

Accurate Scoring

PTE uses advanced computer technology, including artificial intelligence and machine learning, to score responses objectively and consistently. This minimizes human bias and ensures fair assessment.

Quick Results

Similar to computer-based IELTS, PTE provides quick results, usually within a few business days. This rapid turnaround time is beneficial for individuals who need to make timely decisions regarding their education or immigration plans.


PTE scores are widely accepted by educational institutions, governments, and employers around the world. They are recognized for admissions to universities and colleges, for visa and immigration purposes, and for job applications.

Test Sections

PTE Academic includes various question types in each of its sections, such as multiple-choice questions, essay writing, summarizing spoken and written texts, and interpreting information from charts and graphs.

Speaking and Writing Assessment

PTE's speaking section involves recording responses to prompts, while the writing section requires candidates to compose essays or summaries on given topics.

Secure Testing

PTE takes test security seriously, using biometric data and other measures to ensure the identity of test takers and prevent fraudulent activities.

Global Availability

PTE test centers are located in numerous countries, making it accessible to individuals worldwide.

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    About PTE

    The Pearson Test of English (PTE) exam is designed to assess an individual's English language proficiency across four main skills: listening, reading, speaking, and writing. The exam is conducted in a computer-based format, offering a seamless and efficient testing experience.

    Here is an overview of the PTE exam structure:

    Speaking & Writing (54-67 minutes)

    • Personal Introduction: Introduce yourself within 25 seconds.
    • Read Aloud: Read a given text aloud.
    • Repeat Sentence: Repeat a sentence after hearing it.
    • Describe Image: Describe an image shown on the screen.
    • Re-tell Lecture: Summarize a lecture in your own words.
    • Answer Short Questions: Provide concise answers to short questions.
    • Summarize Written Text: Summarize a passage in one sentence.
    • Write Essay: Write an essay on a given topic.

    Reading (29-30 minutes

    • Multiple-Choice, Choose Single Answer: Choose the correct option for a given question.
    • Multiple-Choice, Choose Multiple Answers: Select all correct options for a question.
    • Re-order Paragraphs: Arrange paragraphs to form a coherent text.
    • Reading: Fill in the Blanks: Fill in the missing words in a passage.
    • Reading & Writing: Fill in the Blanks: Fill in the missing words in a passage with a dropdown menu.

    Listening (30-43 minutes)

    • Summarize Spoken Text: Summarize an audio recording in writing.
    • Multiple-Choice, Choose Multiple Answers: Select all correct options based on an audio recording.
    • Fill in the Blanks: Fill in the missing words in a transcript of an audio recording.
    • Highlight Correct Summary: Choose the summary that best matches the audio.
    • Multiple-Choice, Choose Single Answer: Choose the correct option based on an audio recording.
    • Select Missing Word: Identify the missing word in a transcript of an audio recording.
    • Highlight Incorrect Words: Identify words in a transcript that are incorrect.
    • Write from Dictation: Write a sentence as you hear it.

    It's important to note that the order of the sections may vary, and the time allotted for each section might change slightly depending on the specific version of the test. The total duration of the PTE exam reduced from 3 hours to 2 hours.

    The PTE exam is known for its integrated tasks, which assess multiple skills simultaneously, closely replicating real-world language use. As a computer-based test, PTE offers quick results, usually available within a few business days, allowing test takers to make timely decisions about their academic, immigration, or employment goals.

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