Photography Training

Photography and Videography Class in Al Ain

At The Preparation Review Learning Center, Photography and Videography course is designed to teach
individuals the art and technical skills of capturing and creating visually compelling images using a

These courses can cater to a wide range of skill levels, from beginners to advanced photographers.

Our course caters to:

  • Beginners or those with intermediate photography experience.
  • Aspiring freelance photographers.
  • Individuals seeking employment in the photography industry.
  • Enthusiasts interested in photography for personal use.
  • Digital marketing professionals aiming to create their own content.
  • E-store owners and online sellers.
  • Media professionals and journalists transitioning into photography.

Photography Training Course

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    Our Photography Course offers:

    • Industry-Relevant Training: Developed with input from industry experts, ensuring
      you learn skills in demand in today’s market.
    • Flexible Scheduling: Choose from weekday classes, evening sessions, or weekend
      workshops to fit your busy lifestyle.
    • Affordable Tuition: Quality education at accessible prices, making professional
      training available to all.
    • Passionate Community: Join a supportive community of like-minded individuals,
      fostering collaboration, inspiration, and growth.

    Photography and Videography Training Course

    At The Preparation Review, students learn:

    • Fundamentals and varieties of photography, including:
    • Different types of cameras and their characteristics.
    • Various types of lenses and their applications.
    • Shooting Modes from Auto to Professional settings.
    • Focus features within cameras.
    • The exposure triangle and principles of exposure.
    • The essential rules for successful photography.
    • Practical training sessions, including:
    • Indoor studio sessions to practice techniques.
    • Application of natural lighting in indoor and outdoor portraiture for beginners.
    • Introduction to beginner-friendly product photography apps.
    • Creative photography tips and techniques.
    • Common mistakes made by photographers and how to avoid them.
    • Basic editing and image processing techniques:
    • Understanding basic editing processes, particularly in raw format.
    • Guidance on selecting appropriate shooting angles for different scenarios.

    Photography and Videography Class in Al Ain

    What we offer

    • Expert Instruction: Learn from industry professionals passionate about photography and
      videography, ensuring top-notch training and guidance.
    • Comprehensive Curriculum: Covering all aspects from camera fundamentals to advanced
      techniques, tailored for students of all levels.
    • Hands-On Experience: Dive into practical learning through workshops, assignments, and projects,
      developing real-world skills and portfolios.
    • State-of-the-Art Facilities: Train in a professional environment with cutting-edge equipment and
      facilities, essential for success.
    • Networking Opportunities: Connect with peers, professionals, and alumni through events, lectures, and community activities, building valuable connections.
    • Career Development Support: Receive assistance beyond graduation with resume building, portfolio reviews, and job placement guidance, ensuring your success in the industry.

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