IELTS Listening Keywords and Phrases

IELTS Listening section.
IELTS Listening section.   IELTS Listening Practice Test IELTS Listening Test – Preston Park Run Section 1, 2, 3 and 4

Here are some common keywords and phrases that often appear in the IELTS Listening section.

These keywords can help you understand the context and focus of the recordings, making it easier to follow along and answer the questions:

Numbers and Quantities:

Two, three, several, many, few, a lot, most, all, half, quarter, percent

15%, 50 million, one-third, etc.

Dates and Time:

Monday, Tuesday, January, February, spring, summer, autumn, winter

Yesterday, today, tomorrow, next week, in the morning, at night, at noon, etc.

Locations and Directions:

Street, avenue, road, city, town, village, country, continent

North, south, east, west, behind, in front of, near, far, etc.

People and Relationships:

Man, woman, child, teacher, doctor, friend, colleague, family

Mother, father, brother, sister, husband, wife, cousin, etc.

Actions and Verbs:

Listen, speak, talk, discuss, explain, describe, answer, agree, disagree

Buy, sell, visit, travel, study, work, eat, drink, etc.

Common Adjectives:

Big, small, tall, short, old, young, new, modern, historical, beautiful

Interesting, boring, difficult, easy, important, irrelevant, etc.

Colors and Descriptions:

Blue, red, green, yellow, white, black, colorful

Long, short, wide, narrow, thick, thin, heavy, light, etc.

Opinions and Emotions:

Like, dislike, enjoy, hate, love, happy, sad, excited, nervous, surprised

Impressed, disappointed, angry, worried, calm, relaxed, etc.

Comparatives and Superlatives:

Bigger, smaller, more, less, better, worse, best, worst, tallest, shortest

More interesting, less expensive, etc.

Cause and Effect:

Because, due to, as a result, therefore, so, consequently

Leads to, results in, affects, impacts, etc.

Sequences and Steps:

First, second, next, then, after, finally, before, during

Initially, subsequently, in the end, etc.

Common Objects and Items:

Book, pen, paper, computer, phone, table, chair, car, house

Money, food, water, clothes, shoes, etc.

Remember that these keywords can vary depending on the topic of the listening recording. Practice listening to a variety of English accents and contexts to become comfortable with different speaking styles. This will help you improve your ability to identify keywords and comprehend the content accurately during the IELTS Listening section

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