EmSAT Test

EmSAT Test
EmSAT Test

Why Choose us for EmSAT Preparation in Abu Dhabi?

If you ask why you should choose us, then here are the reasons listed out for you. Moreover, we offer EmSAT prep courses both online and offline. Our centre offers student-centred training for each batch to concentrate on the techniques and tips. In addition, we also offer customized EmSAT prep courses based on the students’ requirements.

  1. We offer customized resources and materials to grasp the strategies and techniques easily.
  2. Experienced EmSAT Trainer for English and Mathematics.
  3. Mock Exams to practice.
  4. Recordings of the class.
  5. Experienced Instructors to teach strategies and techniques.
  6. More Diagnostic Tests
  7. A flexible schedule as per student’s time availability.
  8. Online classes as well as classroom modes of training.
  9. We assist in booking the exams

EmSAT Test Syllabus 

EmSAT Achieve English Test Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading, and Writing, including one essay (200-250 words)

  • High-quality English writing, Grammar, Maths & Vocabulary training.
  • Great Essay Writing Training.
  • Grammatical knowledge.
  • Revamping concepts of the subjects studied at school.

EmSAT Achieve Math test 1. Algebra 2. Geometry 3. Statistics 

EmSAT Achieve Physics 1. Mechanics 2. Waves and Optics 3. Thermal Physics and Thermodynamics. 4. Electricity and Magnetism. 5. Modern Physics.

EmSAT Achieve Chemistry Matter, Bonding, Stoichiometry, Chemical Reactions, Thermodynamics, Equilibrium, Hydrocarbons, and its Derivatives, Analytical and Nuclear Chemistry 

EmSAT Achieve Biology 1. From molecules to living organisms: Structure and function 2. Heredity and genetic technology 3. Evolution and Diversity of Life 4. Ecology: Interdependence, energy, and dynamics 

EmSAT Achieve Computer Science Computer Science-JavaSection 1: Computer Science Theory Section 2: Problem Solving and Programming Practices 1. Computing Systems and Networks 2. Data Analysis 3. Impacts of Computing 4. Algorithms and Programming – Java

Computer Science-Python 

Computer Science-C++

EmSAT Course Details

  • Total duration: 15 hours for each class 
  • Number of Classes: 10 Classes Twice per week/subject
  • Class Duration: 1.5 hours per class

EmSAT Exam Strategies to prepare for the exam.

Our institute helps students to pass exams easily with our coaching methods.

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